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International Workshop on

(MVAR 2016)

Tokyo, Japan, November 16, 2016

In conjunction with ACM ICMI 2016

Multimodal Virtual & Augmented Reality (illustration)


  • Coffee
10:30-12:00 Paper session 1 (definitions and alternate modalities)
  • Schraffenberger, H., and van der Heide, E.
    Multimodal Augmented Reality - The Norm Rather Than the Exception
  • Rosa, N., Werkhoven, P., and Hürst, W.
    (Re-)Examination of Multimodal Augmented Reality
  • Zhang, E.Y., and Cheok, A.D.
    A Networked Device for Reproducing Multisensory Kissing
  • Hariri, S., Mustaffa, N.A., Karunanayaka, K., and A.D. Cheok
    Electrical Stimulation of Olfactory Receptors for Digitizing Smell
  • Rhaman, N.E.A., Azhar, A., Karunanayaka, K., Cheok, A.D., Johar, M.A.M., Gross, J., and Aduriz, A.L.
    Implementing new Food Interactions using Magnetic Dining Table Platform and Magnetic Foods
  • Lunch break
13:30-15:00 Paper session 2 (systems and cross-modal AR)
  • Voinea, A., Moldoveanu, A., and Moldoveanu, F.
    Bringing the Augmented Reality Benefits to Biomechanics Study
  • Nishizawa, M., Jiang, W., Okajima, K.
    Projective-AR System for Customizing the Appearance and Taste of Food
  • Aoyama, S., Iwai, D., and Sato, K.
    Altering Resistive Force Perception by Modulating Velocity of Dot Pattern Projected onto Hand
  • Lugtenberg, G., Sandor, C., Hürst, W., Plopski, A., Taketomi, T., Kato, H., and Rosa, N.
    Changing Perception of Physical Properties using Multimodal Augmented Reality: Position Paper
  • Closing statements
  • Coffee
The workshop ends with the afternoon coffee break. And since it is the last day of the conference, there are no further events planned or included in the registration. Yet, we are thinking of having a "private" social event, e.g. visiting the VR ZONE Project I can, a video arcade featuring various VR installations within walking distance of the workshop location, and possibly a joint dinner at a nice restaurant. Details will be announced during the workshop.

Temp. infos:


We are pleased and honored to welcome Dr. Hsin-Ni Ho as keynote speaker for MVAR 2016. Dr. Ho will be opening the workshop with a keynote entitled Is the hand trustworthy? Multimodal influence in haptic object perception.

While direct manual exploration is commonly thought to be the most direct and reliable way for people to obtain information about object properties such as weight, texture and temperature, haptic object perception is subject to influence from other modalities and the resulting perception is not always veridical. In this talk, I will present an overview of multimodal influence in haptic object perception, with special focus on object temperature perception, which has been shown to interact with vision and touch. The strategies used by the brain to integrate multimodal sensory inputs will be discussed, together with the implications for virtual and augment reality applications.

Dr. Hsin-Ni Ho received the PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA in 2006. Currently, she works as a senior research scientist at the NTT Communication Science Laboratories, Japan. She is an editorial board member of the journal Temperature. She models heat transfer process during hand-object interactions and studies how resulting changes in skin temperature are processed by the brain and integrated with other sensory inputs to form a unified percept of an object. Her research interests include thermal and tactile perception, multimodal interactions, material perception and development of haptic interfaces on the basis of human perceptual properties.

For more information, please refere to Dr. Hsin-Ni Ho's website.